Drs. Nikolai Alvarado, Julie Cidell, and David Wilson presented their research this fall on the U of I campus and across the globe.

Dr. alvarado presenting

Dr. Nikolai Alvarado participated in the Race, Migration, Memory Conference convened on the University of Illinois Campus November 2-3, 2023. His presentation, titled "Migration, Race, and Space: The Spatio-Corporeal Dimensions of Environmental Oppression in Urban Informal Settlements," drew from his ongoing research with Nicaraguan migrants in Costa Rica. Dr. Alvarado discussed the concept of migrant body-spaces, aiming to elucidate how migrant bodies and the spaces in which they reside are configured as a unified scale of othering, ordering, and bordering. Migrant body-spaces operate through co-constitutive urban and migration regimes and enable forms of oppression which are simultaneously spatial and corporeal.

Parc Clichy-Batignolles in Paris

Dr. Julie Cidell is visiting the Institut de Geographie at the Sorbonne in Paris the week of November 13th, where she is giving a talk on “Redeveloping North American railyards and remaking urban space.” She will visit the Transport Studies Unit at Oxford (UK) the week of November 20th and present a different talk, “Container choreography and pop-up ports: flows, overflows, and pauses in the US 2021 supply chain crisis.”

heidelberg university

Dr. David Wilson is currently a research fellow for the Fall and Winter of 2023 at the Center for Apocalyptic and Post-Apocalyptic Studies, University of Heidelberg, Germany. To date, his research at the Center has taken him across Europe and he has delivered the following talks:

  • “Dracula Urbanism and Smart City Mania: the Peculiar Case of Jakarta, Indonesia,” invited Lecture, Center for Apocalyptic and Post Apocalyptic Cities Seminar Series, University of Heidelberg, October 2023.
  • “Dracula in the Crevices and Cracks: Urban Change in the Twenty-First Century,” invited Lecture at the colloquium Series, Maynooth University, Dublin Ireland, October 2023.
  • “Dracula Urbanism and Smart City Mania, invited keynote lecture delivered at the Association of German Geographers Bi-Annual Meeting, Frankfurt, September 2023.